You have a Rose

If there is even one person in your life,
You know in your heart that,
You can confide into, rely onto,
Will listen to you,
Being it day or night.

Will always come to your rescue,
Will always treasure you,
Will mount mountains,
Will cross oceans,
Just to be with you.

Will see and hear,
Your deepest lies,
Your darkest secrets,
But will never leave you.

Will fight with you,
When you are wrong.
Play silence when taken granted,
But still be by your side.

Wants you to be happy,
Wants you to be strong,
Wants you to rise high,
But always want you beside.

If you have one such person,
Then, you are one of the luckiest.
In the universe full of thorns,
You have a rose.


Everyday chick

Everyday we learn something afresh,
Getting reborn from our shell,
Like a chick hatching from egg.

We grow day by day, year by year;
Understanding things hard to get earlier.

We realize day by day, year by year;
Valuing those who didn't matter earlier.

Everyday is a new beginning,
There is never an ending,
When the heart is willing.